Playgroup & Kindergarten


Age 3 - 4


Age 4 - 6

The young child learns through absorbing what is around him or her and imitating what he or she sees. The pre-school teacher strives to create a welcoming, harmonious environment in which the child can safely discover the world. As children learn through unconscious imitation, the teacher strives to permeate all her actions seen by the child with logic and kindness. 

The pre-school child lives easily in the imagination,

making this a good place from which to start learning. Free play gives the child an opportunity to develop social skills and act out fundamental life tasks. Here the teacher can step in and direct play to create healthy interaction as needed. Creative play is considered the best preparation for a self-realising adult life.

A child's first 7 years

During the child’s first seven years, a lot of energy is spent on physically growing. Co-ordination and well-developed senses are the foundation for intellectual development. Children love to explore what their bodies are capable of: balancing on thin pieces of wood, swinging in a tree, playing with a beanbag etc. The morning circle gives children the opportunity to act out stories and rhymes and to improve their language.

Daily/weekly Rhythm

The activities of the pre-school follow a strong daily and weekly rhythm. Hands are kept busy and senses nurtured through water-colour painting, drawing, doing simple crafts and modeling with beeswax, baking and walking in the beautiful nature that surrounds our school. The natural rhythm of the year, the seasons, influence all our activities and help to create a wonder in the child for the mysteries of the world… which in turn helps to inspire a life-long love of learning.

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