Extra Murals & After Care

After Care

We charge a flat rate for aftercare unless you’ve made special arrangements for a daily rate.


Children have free play from 12h15 – 13h00. Thereafter aftercare fees are charged, unless the child has a sibling in class 4-7.

Class 1-3

Children have 15 minutes grace. From 13h15 aftercare fees are charged unless the child has a sibling in class 4-7

Class 4-7

Children have 15min grace. From 14h15 aftercare fees are charged

Class 4-7

If your child does an extra mural on any day, please ensure that this has been entered when you sign your child out; to ensure that aftercare fees are not included for this time.

Please remember to inform the school if your child is going to be collected by anyone other than their parents on any day.

The children have free play during aftercare and meals are served at 15:00 every afternoon.

See Fees schedule for aftercare rates.

Extra Murals

Please enquire via e-mail about our current extra murals.